Work Alone Call Center: What to Look For in a Live Monitoring Service

Work Alone Call Center: The Benefits of Live Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring lone workers, someone must be looking out for their safety at all times. Usually, that person is a manager, a supervisor, or another person in the office. But what if the company doesn’t have the necessary resources to monitor their teams? That’s when a work alone call center comes in handy.

A call center can take on the responsibility of monitoring your lone workers, all in a convenient, centralized way. It’s an integral part of many work alone safety systems, but remember: not all call centers are created equal.

From price to availability to flexibility, here are some of the key features to be on the lookout for:

Only pay for what you need

Call centers are convenient, but they can be costly, too. That’s why you should be able to take control, turn it off and on whenever you like, and only pay for the time you actually use. In other words, no budget breaking contracts of massive set-up fees!

Around-the-clock monitoring

Meetings, appointments, holidays, business trips, illnesses: Even when multiple in-house monitors are assigned to a worker, it’s hard to say who can respond to an alert at any given time. In a lot of cases, monitors simply don’t want to be bothered after hours unless it’s an major emergency.

A call center should be able to make this a non-issue by being available to monitor your team 24/7/365. You don’t have to use the call center all day, every day, but they need to be on hand the minute you need them.

Scalable safety solution

Work locations change, risks are variable, and employees come and go, but you shouldn’t have to worry about these things affecting the safety of your lone workers. First of all, your lone worker safety system should make it free and easy to add employees, change contact details, update escalation procedures, and tweak other aspects of your safety plan. And second, your call center must have access to your up-to-minute account information and be trained to follow your unique safety policies and carry out the proper procedures.

The right call center is crucial to the safety of your team and the success of your business. But, of course, it’s not the only thing you need to think about. To find a truly effective setup, you need to take other key features into account.

If you’re searching for the best lone worker safety system but don’t know what other features to look for, check out our lone worker monitoring system comparison guide. It breaks down the 5 key factors that go into making a top safety system.

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