Top 10 Features of our Lone Worker App

Start shift times for Ok Alone lone worker monitoring

1. App Notifications & Alarms When a check in is due the worker will get an in app notification asking them to check in with an alarm. This feature is easy to setup and allows a worker to check-in before the monitors are alerted. 2. High Risk Check -ins Being able to change the time …

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Work safety tips for cold weather Lone worker safety systems

lone worker safety systems

Work Safety Tips for Cold Winter Weather

As we bundle up and head into the winter months (in the northern hemisphere) our thoughts turn to keeping workers safe in cold conditions. For most of us in Canada, extreme cold is something we deal with every year, and we are pretty good at it!

Those whose job requires them to be outside for any

5 tips for Managing Workplace Stress | Lone worker Safety System

lone worker safety system

We all face stress on the job and when your workplace stress is not acknowledged and managed, it can lead to physical and emotional illness as well as reduced performance and productivity. How well you manage your workplace stress depends on how you are able (or unable!) to address it. Compounding the problem, if you work alone, without the security of co-workers to share the workload and watch your back, your stress levels may go through the roof!

Here are 5 tips for managing your workplace stress:


You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Lone Worker Safety System

Lone Worker Safety System

8 Reasons Why you can’t Afford Not to Have Lone Worker Safety Systems

Lone worker safety systems are not only the right thing to do from a moral standpoint – they can reduce your business’ operational costs! Workers in the construction and engineering industries are frequently working alone and in high risk circumstances. Investing in their safety will pay off in many ways.

Does your team really need a lone worker safety system?

lone worker safety system

Manufacturing industry and factory workers can be exposed to a wide range of dangerous situations and risks to their safety increase when they are working alone.  Performing equipment maintenance, handling raw or in-process materials, and using heavy machinery are just some of the everyday tasks where a lone worker safety system could ensure that you and your co-workers go home safely at the end of a shift.