Protect your Lone Workers with a Zoleo Device and Ok Alone

Works with Ok Alone

The Zoleo devices can now be used with Ok Alone to keep lone workers safe.

ZOLEO lone worker devices act as a connection so your smartphone continues communicating outside of normal coverage areas. The device itself has built-in SOS and check-in functionality that work separately from the smartphone, but through the phone app.

Using the Ok Alone solution connected to ZOLEO, you can update your status even when outside cell coverage. These messages are connected with Ok Alone and help lone workers stay safe on the job.

ZOLEO Features for lone workers:

  • IP68 protection against dust and water
  • One touch Check In button that also sends location data
  • Weather updates via DarkSky
  • Auto-share location with up to 5 check-in contacts
  • SOS button to immediately send for help
  • Can connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth
  • Works internationally, using the Iridium satellite network
  • Messages can be customized to work with Ok Alone
  • Also send texts via cellular and Wi-Fi
  • 8 days of battery life if left on 24 hours a day
  • Dedicated SMS number and email address

A Zoleo device allows lone workers to have a specific number so workers can easily be identified when updating their status. No worrying about having to re-set workers with a new pin each time, simply set it up once and use it again and again to stay safe.

Being able to link up your smartphone means you can send/receive longer messages and have conversations continue via cellular/Wi-Fi/or over the Iridium satellite network. The simple button layout on the ZOLEO lone worker device helps workers to easily trigger the SOS alert in an emergency. A real strength of ZOLEO is its simplicity and ease of use, just like Ok Alone.

A ZOLEO device can be easily used to work with Ok Alone by simply sending messages with familiar Ok Alone phrases like ‘start shift’, ‘check in’, or ‘end shift’. Monitors are able to make sure workers are safe by seeing their location when a check in is due.

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