Lone Working in Care Homes 

lone worker protection system

Within the United States there are 3,211,590 people employed as Home health and personal care aides, either in Home Health Care Centres or Continued Care Retirement Communities and Assisted living facilities for the elderly ¹.The two states with the highest employment levels in this field are California and New York.² Care is an enormous industry …

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Health Care High Risk Strategy from WorksafeBC

A home care company directors get the evening off. And they save money too!

WorksafeBC have identified Health Care as one of the four main industries at high risk of serious workplace injuries and therefore contributing to the serious injury rate. The Health Care High Risk Strategy (HRS) focuses WorkSafeBC resources on identified high-risk work activities within health care and community social services worksites. The primary focus is on …

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How a Hands Free Lone Worker Solution Can Help Nurses and Health Workers

Lone worker alarm

What is a Hands Free Lone Worker Solution? The latest version of our Ok Alone lone worker app provides Siri or Google Assistant shortcuts so you can use your voice to update your Ok Alone status wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Any user with iOS12/13 or an Android phone and Ok Alone can …

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Are you looking out for the mental health of your lone workers?

Lone worker alarm

When it comes to assessing the risks associated with working alone, it’s easy to focus on the physical dangers that can easily set off a lone worker alarm or man down alarm. Heights, loud noises, chemicals, extreme temperatures, tripping hazards—these are all things you can see, hear, and feel. But under the surface, there’s a …

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Healthcare Industry Prioritize Lone Worker Protection Systems

lone worker protection system

Health and social care professionals met in London June 29-30 at the 2016 Health + Care Conference to learn about new ways to deliver healthcare and improve productivity in the delivery of health services. Advances in technology provide a multitude of new tools and integrated systems that can improve not only patient care, but also support the well-being and safety of health care workers.

Home Care Lone Workers Need Safety Solution to Work Alone


A Guardian/Insight survey asked what are the key challenges facing individual care worker, and the key challenges facing their employers. The challenges faced by employees and employers are linked. Forced by councils to bid at the lowest cost, home care providers struggle to pay and train their staff sufficiently to overcome skills and staffing shortages.