Enterprise Safety & Lone Worker Monitoring

Enterprise level organisations are concerned about safety, liability and ever-evolving regulations. Ok Alone can make it easy to comply with legislation by monitoring the safety of your staff, groups, teams, and departments wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. We can scale to meet the needs of any organisation or corporation, even across countries and time zones.  

Our features are available to use across a range of devices and can be adapted by those using them to make the solution as simple as needed for both workers and Admin users.  

Let Ok Alone help your large organisation comply with duty of care regulations.

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Ok Alone focuses on an employee’s safety, providing an audit of all actions throughout a shift and automatically creates alerts for missed check ins, help requests or other actions.

Why do Enterprise organisations choose Ok Alone?


High Engagement

Make sure your staff keep using Ok Alone on every shift. The app is easy to use and does not disrupt work patterns.


Fully Customisable

Enable the features you need to keep your workers safe and make sure you are following safety rules correctly.


Safety Monitoring for your Employees

Regular check ins with GPS locations let you know where your staff are throughout their shifts.


Easy to Rollout to Staff

Easily import workers and monitors from your existing management systems and get staff using Ok Alone with just a few clicks.


Extended Privacy

Give users only the access they need. Protect your employees privacy with number of access levels.


Integrate with your Systems

SSO and our flexible API means you can integrate Ok Alone with your existing tools. Including Microsoft Azure, JumpCloud and your own systems.


Automated Reporting

Get in-depth reports about how staff are using Ok Alone and keep on top of any issues.


Manage Teams in Groups

Separate your teams into relevant groups with different lone worker settings and monitors.


Move from Manual to Automated Safety Monitoring

Simplify your reporting and safety monitoring by automating your system.

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Features for Enterprise Clients

Ok Alone has many great features that can scale to meet the needs of any size organisation or corporation. Companies can choose to have all of Ok Alone’s features or as many as they wish. 

Lone worker app features

Flexible Check Ins

Choose suitable check in times for workers depending on their working environment. The timer can also be removed if needed.

Lone worker app features

Location Monitoring

Location monitoring works even when the app is in the background. Meaning you get constant location data at all times.

Lone worker app features

Real Time Emergency Alerts 24/7

Our automated lone worker monitoring means your staff are protected 24/7. Monitors are alerted in emergencies and separate out of hours monitors an be assigned.

Lone worker app features

Man Down Protection

With our man down alarm and monitoring you can be alerted if a worker stops moving. Man/worker down can be customised depending on the environment.

Lone worker app features

Lone Worker System API

Why develop a whole new lone worker system for your app when you can use our simple API to manage your work alone protection.

Lone worker app features

Free App for Smartphones

Our top-rated app can be downloaded from app stores with a few clicks. Workers link their account with a pin number and can get going in minutes.

Lone worker app features

Single Sign-on and Data Integration

Integrate Ok Alone with your existing systems. Easily import workers and monitors from Azure or other identity management systems and allow access via SSO.

Lone worker app features

Automated Reporting

Automated reporting can provide a daily summary of employee actions, these reports can be emailed daily/weekly or extracted using our API.

Lone worker app features

Demonstrate Compliance

Comply with your local work alone legislation and regulations with our flexible lone worker features.

Lone worker app features

High Risk Check Ins

Workers can reduce the check in time when they go into an area of high risk to make sure they have the protection they need.

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How Ok Alone can help rolling out a lone worker solution

Our Customer Success team are ready to help companies roll out Ok Alone throughout their organisation. We can integrate Ok Alone with your existing systems and easily import workers and monitors from Azure or other identity management systems and allow access via SSO.

What are the fees for Enterprise Safety Monitoring?

Ok Alone subscriptions for enterprise monitoring start at $5/£4 per worker/month with reductions for larger accounts. We do not charge for monitors and have no set-up fees or long-term contracts. To discuss pricing options please email us at [email protected] or fill in the form below.

Want to discuss Ok Alone? Please email us at [email protected] and we will arrange a call.