Delivery Logistics Company Case Study

Integrating check-in and man-down lone worker safety features using the Lone Worker Api

A leading delivery company approached OK Alone looking for a system to ensure driver safety both inside and outside of their delivery vehicles. Existing asset trackers were part of the solution by providing the location of the delivery vehicle, but did little to protect workers when away from the vehicle. 

The Challenge: 

Develop a completely integrated system to maintain the existing efficiency of delivery process while adding lone worker safety features. The client required a smooth and effective design that wouldn’t slow delivery times, allowing drivers to maintain their busy schedules.

The Solution:

Use the clients existing driver delivery application with the OK Alone API. By using the API, it was possible to integrate lone worker features within the existing application. Drivers could then perform all functions related to both deliveries and worker safety using one application. In addition, minimal re-training was needed due to drivers familiarity with their existing app.

Our Approach:

The API made it easy for the customer to choose the functionality they needed. It was all very self serve and easy to implement. This minimized development time and cost significantly meaning they could meet both lone working legislation and business requirements. 


The existing OK Alone API met both the business and legislative lone working requirements, so no API customizations were needed. New screens were added to the delivery application to allow the completion of real-time worker check-ins.

This meant that alongside the delivery functions, drivers could now check in, update their location in case of emergency and have a help button which linked to Ok Alone’s 24/7 live monitoring centre.

The delivery app also integrated Ok Alone’s man down system, where the app can detect a lack of movement and request help if the driver does not respond in time.

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