What is the meaning of ‘Lone Worker’?

Many industries across the world are recognizing that more and more people are required or are choosing to work on their own these days. As a result of that, those people are referred to as ‘lone workers’.

What does Lone Worker mean?

The definition of a lone worker is ‘when work is done in a location where the employee can’t physically see or be seen by another person or talk to or be heard by another person’.

Here is a list of other terms that are also frequently linked to people who work alone.

What does Worker Tracking mean?

This is a way for companies to know where their workers are and that they are safe. This is often done using a specific device or through a Smartphone app. Tracking should only be done during a worker’s shift and only when necessary, for instance if a worker has not checked in or has requested help.

What does Check In mean?

If a worker is alone for the duration of their shift then it is necessary for them to ‘check in’ to let their supervisors know they are alright. This should be done throughout the shift at regular intervals and at the end of the shift. Checking in can be done by phone call, text message, an app or personal assistant device.

What does Monitor mean?

A monitor is the person who receives the ‘check in’ from a lone worker. They are also the person who would get any ‘help’ requests during a shift if a worker was in trouble. They may be monitoring one individual or a group of lone workers.

What does Live Monitoring mean?

Sometimes your ‘monitor’ isn’t available if your worker’s shift is outside of office hours or on weekends. Live monitoring connects to a call centre that is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure there is someone to receive check ins and help requests at all times.

What does Escalation Procedure mean?

Every lone worker needs to have an individual escalation procedure. This is a detailed plan of what to do and who to contact if a worker fails to check in and can’t be reached.

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