Panic Buttons for Hotel Lone Workers in New Jersey

New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy signed the bill, S.2986 – intended to help protect hotel housekeeping and room service workers against assault and harassment whilst working alone. This came into effect in January of 2020.

The bill requires hotel employers to provide a “panic button” device to employees who are assigned to work in a guest room without co-workers present.  

Ok Alone provides a low-cost app-based solution to provide a panic button and keep your employees safe.

Lone Worker App and Dashboard

What is a lone worker panic button?

Within Legislation Bill S.2986 “Panic button” means

  • a portable emergency contact device

  • an employee can quickly and easily activate to effectively summon immediate on-scene assistance

  • assistance from a security officer, manager or supervisor, or other appropriate hotel staff member

Learn more about Legislation Bill S.2986

Ok Alone covers all of these needs and more:

New Jersey’s Hotel Lone Worker Legislation

Learn about New Jersey’s hotel lone worker legislation and how you must protect your hotel workers with a panic button: New Jersey’s Hotel Lone Worker Legislation

Lone working House keeper cleaning room

Ok Alone subscriptions are within the budget of even the most cost-conscious organisation. With no set-up fees or long term contracts, you can quickly be up and running for as little as $8 per person per month.  Why not create your own personalised quote now?

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What Customers think of our Lone Worker App

We have some fantastic reviews of our app on both Google Play and the App Store, here is a selection of our favourites:


Peace of Mind

When you have staff working off site or unsupervised this is a great app to help with Health and Safety. You can’t anticipate what may happen during the course of one’s day. This app provides a great option in mitigating a level of risk in combination with other processes and procedures. Nothing is more important than going home safe at the end of the day.
by LisaE2020 – 13 Oct 2020


Very helpful

Used the app while working alone during the pandemic installing new lights in our church. Having an app like this while working on 15 ft high scaffolding was very helpful in convincing people that I could do this project alone. Excellent support with all my questions and requests answered immediately.
by Yxd2015 – 19 May  2020


Highly recommend this service

Been using this for a while now. Only had 1 problem (was my end) but customer service was brilliant at trying to figure out the issue. Highly recommend this service for peace of mind if you are a lone worker.
by Robert Marrin – 3 May 2020


Simple to get started

Using Ok Alone for the first time and its surprisingly quick and simple to get started. The new Man Down feature works well.
by Owen Wonorg – 21 September 2019