Start & End Shift Alerts for Lone Workers

Ok Alone tries to do everything it can to make our system as easy to use and user friendly as possible. Start and End shift reminders help workers manage their shifts when lone working.

What are Start Shift Reminders?

A start shift reminder sends a worker an SMS or email to remind them to start their shift. This means that you can make sure they are being monitored when they are working.

What are End Shift Reminders?

End shift reminders send the worker an SMS or email if they have not ended their shift on time. This reduces the missed check-in alerts that can occur when a worker forgets to end their shift on time.

The reminders, SMS or email, occur 5-30 minutes (time chosen by Monitor) after a shift should have started or ended to remind the worker to either start the shift or end the shift. Reminders can also be sent to their Monitor.

How do I activate Start and End Shift Reminders?

To begin using the reminders you need to access the Comms Plan and then you can easily toggle the reminders on within the dashboard.

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