As a Lone Worker can I use my phone whilst driving in Canada?

With the exception of Nunavut, all Canadian Provinces and territories have banned talking on hand-held phones and texting while driving which will certainly affect lone workers.

There are additional regulations on the use of electronic devices like GPS or satnav that should be looked at on a province by province basis. To read a comprehensive list of the current regulations in Canada visit

How do I stay within the law?

Luckily for people who drive for work there are plenty of apps that use voice commands. One such app is the Ok Alone lone worker app. This app lets you check in with your work place or request help without having to touch your phone.

Ok Alone are the first lone worker system to use voice commands to ensure you’re compliant with the law and help keep you focussed on the road. The app is connected to a cloud-based dashboard system that allows workers to stay in touch with their supervisors throughout their shift and let them know if there are any problems.

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