How to use Man Down on Android Smartphones

Man Down is the latest lone worker feature provided by Ok Alone. Man Down introduces a movement based safety feature for Android phones – available with any account with the latest version of the Ok Alone smartphone app.

What is Man Down for lone workers?

Man down (worker down) systems are calibrated to detect movement, or a lack of movement. Using a worker’s own phone (iPhone or Android) the Man Down feature can be set to a period of time (1 minute- 1 hour) by the worker and if there has been no movement within that time frame an alarm sounds. This alarm allows the worker to check in and verify they are fine. If the worker does not respond to the alarm, then an alert is sent to their supervisor saying there has been no movement.

How to use Man Down on your Android Smartphone

Man down is setup by the worker on their start phone. To turn it on and choose the movement time, go to the menu and choose settings.

Man down settings for android
Man down settings are now available for Android smartphones

Once in the settings the lone worker can choose to turn on man down and choose the time between movements. For example this lone worker has chosen 5 minutes. Once turned on, if they do not move within 5 minutes the app will send notifications to check they are ok.

man down running on an android smartphone
This lone worker has man down running. The phone monitors their location and if they don’t move in 5 minutes the app will try to alert the worker.

If the phone cannot detect any movement it will try to alert the worker and request they confirm that they are ok.

checking the worker is ok after the man down time expired
This worker has not moved within 5 minutes, so the lone worker app wants to check they are ok,

If the worker keeps moving, then no alert will ever go off. However if they fail to move and do not respond to notifications their monitor will be alerted.

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