How the Ok Alone Lone Worker System Works

The Ok Alone system should be simple to understand and use. Meaning that it can easily be deployed to workers and once it is setup there is minimal on going maintenance.

Here is a useful diagram explaining how the Ok Alone lone worker system works:

How the Ok Alone lone worker monitoring system works
How the Ok Alone lone worker monitoring system works.
  • Worker – Person working alone
  • Monitor – Person who receives message that Worker is having a problem. Monitors take remedial action based on the Escalation Procedure
  • Alerts – The message sent to the Monitor by email, SMS or automated phone call saying a Worker is having a problem
  • Escalation Procedure – Step-by-step action plan for what to do when worker has a problem. It’s included in the Alert message sent to Monitor
  • Check-in – The act of a Worker telling Ok Alone they are safe, typically via the app
  • Live Monitoring – Ok Alone’s 24/7 Call Centre, who can take over Monitoring responsibilities for you

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