Work Alone devices available for your Lone Workers

Need to monitor your lone workers? Expensive hardware is not required. Our lone worker solution is available on a range of devices, maybe already available to your employees or in the office. 

Our work alone solution has a smartphone app for both iPhone and Android devices. Employees can also control their lone worker status with their voice by linking Ok Alone to any Alexa Dot device or Google Home device. 

Updating a status when working alone and on the move is safer for employees as they can use Siri on an iPhone or google Assistant on a range of Android devices.

Lone Worker Devices Now Available

Below are details about all the work alone devices Ok Alone supports, each one has a link to a page with more information about that work alone device. You can try any device solution for free with our 7-day free trial.

Lone Worker device solution for your iPhone

Lone working app for your iPhone Device

We have a very popular iPhone app for Apple devices, available to all lone workers who sign up to Ok Alone. Any employee working alone can update their status and be monitored in case of emergency.

Lone Worker device solution for your Android phone

Our work alone app for your Android

We have a very popular Google app for Android devices. If you have employees who work alone, they can use this device to manage their check ins and can be monitored when on shift.

Record shortcuts for Siri to use with Ok Alone when lone working

Using Siri for lone working on your iPhone device

You can now use Siri to control your status on any iPhone device. Use our lone worker solution when working alone in a vehicle, working on the move or any other time you may need to be hands free.

How to check in as a lone worker with Alexa and Ok Alone

Alexa & Echo Device and Lone Working

Our lone worker solution works with Alexa on Echo devices. Manage your status using your voice and any Echo device today by installing our Alexa skill.

Check in when lone working with the Google Assistant and Ok Alone

Google Assistant on your Android Device

Our lone worker solution now works with Google Assistant, available on Android devices. Use Google Assistant and your voice to update your lone worker status. Our action is easy to install and link to your work alone account.

Start shift when lone working with the Google Home smart speaker and Ok Alone

Lone Working with a Google Home Device

Ok Alone for lone workers now links to Google Home devices. Use any device to update your work alone status by installing our "Work Alone" action.

Want a quote for Ok Alone? Please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a quote for our lone worker solution.