OK Alone Lone Worker App: economical alternative to Solo Protect

Do you want lone worker safety monitoring? There are so many choices, but your needs are straightforward. You want a work alone system that has lots of ways to check-in, especially an app, 24/7 live monitoring that you can turn on and off, and free updates and reports?

Transparent Pricing

Although they say there are ‘Zero device costs, SIM contract fees or shipping costs’ there are also no prices available on Solo Protect’s website. The only way you can find out prices is to commit to booking a demo with a member of their team. Ok Alone costs just $8/£7 per user per month and all our users have access to full GPS monitoring, FREE updates and reports, the ability to use phone/SMS/app to contact monitors and works with satellite devices!

Simple Set Up

The ‘intuative nature’ of the Solo Protect app apparently means there is ‘minimal’ training required, however they still deem it necessary to book a demo with a member of their team to use the system. Ok Alone is so simple and easy to use there is no need for a demonstration, the system is self-explanatory. Although, if you do have any questions you can call and get the help you need free of charge!

Multiple Integrations

Ok Alone has integrations with tech platforms Geotab™ and ADP® as well as ZOLEO satellite devices! Our desktop app works with Microsoft and our voice commands are accessible through Siri and Google Assistant.

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