Lone Working + Gamification = A Perfect Match

One industry that seems to be made for gamification is lone working. The mobile nature of lone working makes it almost impossible for staff to physically check in with their employers.

Because supervisors of lone workers don’t have a direct line of sight to their workers in an office environment, gamification offers a way to monitor, communicate and reward staff no matter where they are. As Newman said for Forbes, ‘No longer are employees—and their goals—out of sight, out of mind. They’re a constant and active presence on the digital screen.’ ¹

Safety Awards

Ok Alone, a popular lone working solution, had heard from clients that they wanted their workers to be more engaged with the system. So, Ok Alone’s wonderful development team introduced aspects of gamification and created the Safety Awards

Safety Awards add an element of fun and competition to staying safe throughout each shift. Workers are encouraged to use features of the safety app and check in, so supervisors know they are safe.

Each month every worker’s Ok Alone activity is reviewed, and they are awarded badges for features used and milestones reached. A score out of 100 is also awarded to each worker. This score takes into account a number of safety factors including missed check ins, location monitoring, shift starts and check in reminders. The score is then ranked, and workers are able to compare their position to other workers in their company, their country and around the world.

Positive Impact

Increasing staff engagement and having active employee participation in maintaining safety levels is very important. It helps to create the right kind of safety culture within a company. Using a safety solution that has frequent check ins, allows staff to call for help, can locate workers in an emergency and creates a sense of competitiveness and comradery, all while focussing on keeping people safe, is one your workers will thank you for getting.

To find out more about the Safety Awards or start a free trial, visit www.okaloneworker.com

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