Lone Worker Monitoring System

What is a lone worker monitoring system and do you, as an employer, need one?

Workers in remote locations, at high risk job sites or providing services in private residences, face threats to their safety. What are a few things that you should consider when setting up a lone worker system to protect your employees?

What is a lone worker?

Anyone who works alone without a partner or under direct supervision is defined as a lone worker, but there are 3 basic types:

The remote worker – is someone working on an isolated job site, such as those working in resource extraction industries like mining, oil and gas, and forestry.

The mobile worker – this is someone on the road or travelling extensively, like a trucker or travelling salesman.

The public worker –is someone who is serving the public, but unaccompanied by co-workers, or home health care-givers, providing services in private residences. These people may not actually be alone, but they are still considered to be lone workers. They have no one to rely on in case of an accident or some other incident that puts their safety at risk.

What risks does your lone worker face?

You should consider what type of risks your lone workers may have to face. These could include:

The people around them – are they dealing with potentially harmful people?

The job they do –some jobs are inherently high risk and your employees need to be trained in preventative measures and emergency procedures.

Their surroundings – what are the potential dangers from the environment in which they are working? For example, encounters with wild animals should be considered a risk to lone workers in remote areas.

What lone worker system offers the best solution?

You could create your own lone worker monitoring system, hiring additional staff and equipment and possibly even setting up a call centre. That could be costly though, a better alternative is to partner with Ok Alone. For a very low monthly subscription, you can get access to the latest technologies, including an easy to use smartphone app.

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