A new Ok Alone feature - Removing the Check-in Timer

Customers send in Feature Requests all the time. The great news is, several of them are now available for you! At the top of the list, the required check-in timer can now be removed for staff.

This means they can have all of Ok Alone’s usual safety monitoring features, but without the need to check in at regular intervals during their shift.

Removing the check-in timer should help reduce false missed check-ins, especially after a shift has ended. Workers will still get the same High-Risk Check-ins, Help function, Man Down and Location monitoring available.

lone worker dashboard and phone

What does this mean for you?

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Features of our lone worker safety solution

Location Monitoring

Knowing a worker’s location in a dangerous situation is vital. Our location monitoring is transparent and protects the worker’s privacy whilst providing the protection they need incase of an emergency alarm.

Safety Focused

Employee safety is at the heart of our solution. The app has to be easy for workers to use in any emergency situation, including hands-free options for alarms.

Alarm Management

Easily manage your alarm activity and follow the required escalation procedure for any worker safety situation. Our communication options mean any dedicated monitor can be contacted in many different ways. 


Our cloud safety monitoring system means no installation is required and you can manage your workforce safety compliance on any device in the office or on the move. 

Lone Worker App

The free smartphone app allows workers to check-in or request help from anywhere in the world with the tap of a finger. Ok Alone’s simple, clean design makes it quick to deploy and easy to support.

What our Clients Say about Ok Alone

A Pleasure to Partner with Ok Alone

We signed up with OK Alone 5 years ago to support our staff who work alone on shifts. We wanted a simple setup, well-priced, and easy to use check-in system to ensure our frontline staff’s safety. OK Alone has not disappointed!

From enrolment to our current dealings, it has been a pleasure to partner with OK Alone. I have recommended their services to several other organizations, and I highly recommend them to you.

Thank you OK Alone for supporting our work!

Claire Kalfon, Dixon Transition Society

Great App to Help with Health and Safety

When you have staff working off site or unsupervised this is a great app to help with Health and Safety. You can’t anticipate what may happen during the course of one’s day.

This app provides a great option in mitigating a level of risk in combination with other processes and procedures.

Nothing is more important than going home safe at the end of the day.

Lisa, Ladco