Using what3words to Locate Lone Workers with Ok Alone

Ok Alone has partnered with what3words to provide worker locations in their 3 word format, for example ///limit.broom.flip

What is what3words?

When responding to incidents, knowing exactly where they are is key for us to respond quickly. The challenge is that many places don’t have an address, and long, descriptive directions are time-consuming to follow.

what3words is being used to protect lone workers

what3words has divided the world into 3 metre squares and given each square a unique combination of three words: a what3words address.
For example /// will take you a precise 3 metre square at the top of Parliament Hill, London

Many companies and emergency services around the world are using what3words to locate people in emergencies, our integration means that any last know location for a worker can easily be translated into a what3words location.

 Learn more about how it works here:

An example of a what3words location where a lone worker may need help
An example of a what3words location

How does what3words work with Ok Alone?

Ok Alone shows your workers’ last known location on a map and as coordinates. By activating what3words, you will also get the three-word location. This can be used to pinpoint your worker over the phone or sms with anyone else that also uses the what3words system.

what3words in the Dashboard

On the Dashboard home page where any workers last know location is shown. The monitor can click on the “Get Location” link to generate a what3words location. Click those words to open the what3words site and a map of the workers position.

what3words in Alerts

Any alerts sent to monitors will also include the what3words location alongside the last known location map and google link.

How to get Started with what3words for Lone Workers

The what3words integration is available for free to any Ok Alone account. To activate the tool go to Settings > what3words.

Then click the “Activate what3words” button to get started with the location tool.

Activate what3words for lone workers in Ok Alone
Activate what3words for lone workers