Using Ok Alone on the Apple Watch

While Ok Alone does not have a dedicated Apple Watch app, workers and monitors can still benefit from its safety features through their iPhone. Here’s how Ok Alone integrates with the Apple Watch to keep lone workers safe and connected.

Check-In Notifications

When Ok Alone is running on an iPhone, the Apple Watch can receive check-in notifications. This ensures that workers are reminded to check in at scheduled intervals directly on their wrist, making it less likely for these reminders to be missed.

Ok Alone lone worker app on a apple watch

Receiving Reminders and Alerts

Workers can receive reminders via phone calls and SMS on their Apple Watch. This is particularly useful for those who might not always have immediate access to their iPhone but can respond quickly through their watch. The Apple Watch will notify the worker of an incoming SMS indicating a check-in is due, or a phone call reminder.

Responding to Notifications

The worker can reply to the SMS directly from the Apple Watch to update their status. Simple SMS commands like “OK” to check in, “HELP” to request immediate assistance, or “END” to end their shift can be sent from the watch.

Ok Alone lone worker app on a apple watch

This feature provides a quick and convenient way for workers to stay compliant with check-in requirements and ensure their safety without needing to pull out their phone.

Location Monitoring

It’s important to note that while the Apple Watch itself does not support location monitoring for Ok Alone, the iPhone must be used for accurate location tracking. The iPhone’s GPS capabilities provide real-time location data to the Ok Alone system, ensuring that supervisors can monitor the worker’s location during their shift.

Alerts for Monitors

For supervisors and monitors, the Apple Watch is a great tool to receive SMS alerts. If a worker misses a check-in or sends a help request, the monitor can be notified via SMS on their Apple Watch, allowing for immediate response and action even when they are away from their desk or phone.

Lone worker alert on a apple watch

The integration of Ok Alone with the Apple Watch, while not direct, leverages the connectivity of the iPhone to enhance lone worker safety. Workers and supervisors can remain informed and responsive through their watches, ensuring a reliable line of communication and quick response capabilities.

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