Legislation & Policy for Lone Workers in Manitoba

As Canada is divided into federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions here is the legislation and policy pertaining to workers and lone workers in Manitoba, including the associated work alone regulations.

Manitoba has a fantastic document the MANITOBA LABOUR AND IMMIGRATION WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH Code of Practice For Workers Working Alone or in Isolation. It is a 16-page document that outlines the legal requirements of employers who have lone workers.



Application 9.1

This part applies to every workplace where employees work alone or in isolation.

Risk identification 9.2
(1) When a worker works alone or in isolation, an employer must identify the risks arising from the conditions and circumstances of the worker’s work in consultation with:

  1. the committee at the workplace;
  2. the representative at the workplace
  3. when there is no committee or representative, the workers at the workplace.

(2) An employer must, so far as is reasonably practicable, take steps to eliminate or reduce the identified risks to workers working alone or working in isolation.

The documentation goes on to say:

Safe work procedures 9.3
(1) An employer must:

  1. develop and implement safe work procedures to eliminate or reduce the identified risks to workers working alone or working in isolation;
  2. train workers in the safe work procedures
  3. ensure that workers comply with the safe work procedures

(2) Safe work procedures must include:

  • (a) the establishment of an effective communication system that consists of:
  • (i) radio communication
  • (ii) telephone or cellular phone communication
  • (iii) any other means that provides effective communication given the risks involved (b) any of the following:
  • (i) a system of regular contact by the employer with the worker working alone or in isolation Code of Practice for Workers Working Alone or in Isolation 10
  • (ii) limitations on or prohibitions of specified activities
  • (iii) the establishment of training requirements
  • (c) where applicable, the provision of emergency supplies for use in travelling or working under conditions of extreme cold or other inclement weather conditions.

(3) An employer must post a copy of the safe work procedures in a conspicuous place at the workplace.

(4) An employer must review and revise the procedures not less than every three years or sooner if circumstances at a workplace change in a way that poses a risk to the safety or health of a worker working alone or in isolation.

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