Lone Worker Check In

A vital aspect of any lone worker monitoring procedure is the actual ‘check in’. By legislation in the UK and in many Canadian provinces, lone workers must be monitored for safety reasons. Here are a few tips to help you, as an employer, to devise and establish a lone worker check in procedure.

What are the main aspects of a lone worker check in procedure?

The most commonly used check in method is by phone. Lone workers call in using a home, workplace or cell phone at predetermined intervals. More recently, smartphone apps have become popular. It’s critical to ensure that your lone workers have access to a reliable check in method.

  1. You can appoint an employee monitor, use a call centre or partner with a reliable lone worker monitoring service as the point of contact between you and your worker. If there is only one contact person, ensure you have a back-up.
  2. You should create a plan describing the movements of the employee or employees in question to determine when they will need monitoring.
  3. Establish with your lone workers when and at what intervals they will check-in.
  4. Ensure your check-ins are regular and that your lone worker is diligent.
  5. Create a code word to identify your lone worker, in case they are attacked and their assailant knows enough to follow the procedure.
  6. Have an escalation procedure ready in the event of the lone worker reporting an injury or not checking in.
  7. For lone workers who are travelling to a work site or constantly in transit (truckers, for example) it’s important that you know:
  1. Their destination
  2. Estimated time of arrival
  3. Return date and time
  4. Their mode of travel and if it’s public, their contact information, and
  5. Any change of plans due to vehicle breakdown or weather etc.

What is the best way to ensure lone worker check in?

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