Farming as a lone worker is the most dangerous industry in the UK

farm safety

The HSE has released their latest figures about UK health and safety – and the results may be surprising for some.  The annual HSE report always makes for sobering reading. The good news is that health and safety standards continue to improve – but as always there is still room for improvement. What may be …

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Sub-Contractors and your Health and Safety Program

subcontratcor health and safety program

The first myth we need to disburse is that you are somehow not responsible for your sub-contractors health and safety while they are working on your job site or working in your name. This is not even a gray area anymore. For example Workers Compensation Board (WCB) in British Columbia looks at whether the sub-contractor …

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Working from home. Working alone

Working from home

Home working has more than doubled in the US since 2005.  In fact, the Huffington Post recently published an article about why the working from home trend is going to continue to grow or even explode.  The social, economic and environmental arguments for this shift are very strong.  In many major cities, a two hour …

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You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Lone Worker Safety System

Lone Worker Safety System

8 Reasons Why you can’t Afford Not to Have Lone Worker Safety Systems

Lone worker safety systems are not only the right thing to do from a moral standpoint – they can reduce your business’ operational costs! Workers in the construction and engineering industries are frequently working alone and in high risk circumstances. Investing in their safety will pay off in many ways.

Healthcare Industry Prioritize Lone Worker Protection Systems

lone worker protection system

Health and social care professionals met in London June 29-30 at the 2016 Health + Care Conference to learn about new ways to deliver healthcare and improve productivity in the delivery of health services. Advances in technology provide a multitude of new tools and integrated systems that can improve not only patient care, but also support the well-being and safety of health care workers.

Home Care Lone Workers Need Safety Solution to Work Alone


A Guardian/Insight survey asked what are the key challenges facing individual care worker, and the key challenges facing their employers. The challenges faced by employees and employers are linked. Forced by councils to bid at the lowest cost, home care providers struggle to pay and train their staff sufficiently to overcome skills and staffing shortages.