Lone Worker App for Android from Ok Alone

lone worker app for android on google play

Our lone worker app is available on Android phones through the Google Play store. The safe worker app is a safety solution for managing check-ins when your employees are working alone. Introduction to the Ok Alone Android App Are you affected by work alone regulations and want to be certain your lone workers are safe? …

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How can a Lone Worker App Protect Your People in High-Risk Situations?

Ok Alone lone worker monitoring High Risk Check-ins

Lone workers face greater risks than those who have co-workers nearby. Without support they may be unable to get immediate assistance in case of injury, incapacity or another type of emergency situation. Why do I need a lone worker app? A work alone safety device, such as a lone worker app, ensures employees have a …

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Why you Need a Lone Worker App

Health and Safety Guidelines biowaste

Being a ‘lone worker’ is great! You’re not stuck in an office all day having to listen to Wendy’s ‘jokes’ or more stories about her cat. You’re out and about all day or just quietly working somewhere enjoying your own company. But what about your safety? No one likes to think about all the things …

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HR Strategies to Promote Lone Worker Safety – Ok Alone Worker

HR Strategies to Promote Lone Worker Safety

Human resource professionals play a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of lone workers. Of course it’s not their exclusive domain (health and safety is everyone’s business), but they are equipped with exceptional communication skills that can help mitigate the risks associated with working alone. It’s not easy to start a conversation about …

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GPS Technology Isn’t Enough – Lone Worker Safety

gps technology

Do you rely on GPS technology to keep in touch with lone workers?

You might not know that the first GPS satellite, Navstar 1, was launched way back on February 22, 1978. In 1983, after the USSR shot down a Korean passenger jet, the US government opened up GPS for civilian applications so that aircraft, transport and shipping could avoid drifting into restricted

Keeping Parks and Recreation Teams Safe – Lone Worker Safety

Parks and recreation workers everywhere face hazardous conditions nearly every day. Whether you are operating recreational or leisure programs at playgrounds and parks in the city, managing wilderness campgrounds, performing trail-building and maintenance duties or any of the countless tasks that are part of many parks and rec workers’ daily routines, you face unique challenges to staying safe at work.

For each lone worker or team of workers, it’s critical to do a hazard…

Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety

You probably understand that as an employer you are likely required, by law or according to health and safety regulations, to implement a lone worker safety policy. Even if accidents or incidents occur outside of your business premises, when they transpire during the execution of your employees duties or, in some cases, during transit to a job site, you are accountable. In many cases, the remote worker is at higher risk and it’s up to you to assess and reduce those risks.

How to Manage Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety

The 2008 murder of realtor Lindsay Buziak while showing a property in Victoria, BC, Canada is a disturbing example of why you need to manage the safety of your lone workers. There are many sales industry professionals who may be at risk when working alone; realtors showing homes, car salespeople taking customers for a test drive, and all sorts of outside sales workers who travel to visit clients and prospects.

Sending your team out on sales calls without a lone worker safety device is just not acceptable anymore, not when there is an affordable safety solution like Ok Alone.