Why you Need a Lone Worker App

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Being a ‘lone worker’ is great! You’re not stuck in an office all day having to listen to Wendy’s ‘jokes’ or more stories about her cat. You’re out and about all day or just quietly working somewhere enjoying your own company. But what about your safety? No one likes to think about all the things …

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Lone Worker Protection – Uncover Hidden Hazards in the Workplace

Lone Worker Protection

One of the simplest forms of lone worker protection is uncovering hidden hazards in the workplace. When it comes to creating a risk assessment, you’ll find that some of the hazards are quite easy to identify. Everyone is aware of the threats of working at height, with electricity, with moving machinery, or with volatile chemicals.  …

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Affordable Lone Worker Protection

Looking for Affordable Lone Worker Safety Monitoring?

Your staff is as important to you as family – maybe some of them ARE family, and you would like nothing more than to provide them with a safety monitoring system that’s easy for them to learn and use, adaptable to your business’ requirements and economical.

Why is top quality lone worker monitoring SO expensive?

Lone Worker Protection

Lone Worker Protection

Lone worker protection is a particular concern to many employers. This is especially relevant to resource extraction industries (mining, energy, forestry) along with trucking, surveying and home health care providers, where employees are at risk of accident or incident when working alone. What do you, as an employer, need to consider when implementing a system for lone worker protection?