Try OK Alone Lone Worker App: a cost effective alternative to GeoPro

Do you want lone worker safety monitoring, but only have a limited budget? There are so many choices, but your needs are straightforward. You want a work alone system that has lots of ways to check-in, especially an app, 24/7 live monitoring that you can turn on and off, and free updates and reports.

When registering with GeoPro it can take up to 1 hour for your account to register with GEOS and any subsequent devices you add to your account may also take up to 1 hour to register. Ok Alone can have you up and running in 5 minutes!

GeoPro requires you to ‘ensure your escalation contacts have North American based mobile phone numbers’. Ok Alone works in many countries all over the world, so your escalation contacts can be almost anywhere!

Having difficulties understanding the system? GeoPro offers additional training with your account manager for an additional fee. Ok Alone offers real time live chat on Pure Chat for any problems you are having, or you can phone us to talk things through, for FREE!

Using a satellite phone? GeoPro will charge you a $30 activation charge, per device! Ok Alone will have you up and running in the system at no extra cost.


Ok Alone

Have contacts outside of North America
No activation fees
Low cost

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