Learn about Safety for the UK’s Electrician Lone Workers

Powerline lone worker

The most recent data from Statista.com shows there were 259,000 people employed as electricians in the UK during 2019 ¹ Being an electrician means frequently working alone, either on sites, in warehouses, buildings or in people’s homes. But are employers looking out for these lone workers and how do you ensure an electrician’s safety? Dangers …

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U.S Legislation for Electricians

Being an electrician is a popular trade in North America.  Ibisworld.com report there are over 223,000 Electrician companies registered in the U.S for 2022. ¹ This is a 1.8% increase from 2021. ² These companies are required to adhere to regulations set out by OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is run by …

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