How Personality Type Affects Motivation When Using Gamification in the Workplace

Personality motivation

It is not always easy to have workers motivated or on-board for new initiatives in the workplace, but what if these initiatives are designed to do exactly that? What if the purpose of the initiative is to rejuvenate and re-engage your workforce? Research into Gamification Researchers have found that ‘from a theoretical point of view …

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Introducing Safety Award Certificates and Report Cards

Lone Worker Certificate

Here at Ok Alone, we have made some improvements to the Safety Awards program introducing Report Cards and Certificates. Report Cards Report Cards are a visual way for workers to see their achievements from each month and be inspired to do better.  Each month we take into account a number of safety factors including missed check-ins, location …

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How do I keep Lone Workers Safe?

The best way to keep lone workers safe is to give them a lone worker safety solution! This allows workers to have peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, someone will know and can send help. Lone Worker Safety Solutions The purpose of a Lone Worker Solution is to ensure all workers go home …

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Will I have to Self-isolate or self-quarantine?

What is self-isolating or self-quarantining? The terms ‘self-isolate or self-quarantine’ mean to completely remove yourself from society. Should I self-isolate or self-quarantine? Symptoms of the virus are a fever, continuous dry cough and trouble breathing. If you or anyone in your household develops symptoms of Covid-19, then you need to self-isolate or self-quarantine immediately for …

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Delivery Logistics Company Case Study

Integrating check-in and man-down lone worker safety features using the Lone Worker Api A leading delivery company approached OK Alone looking for a system to ensure driver safety both inside and outside of their delivery vehicles. Existing asset trackers were part of the solution by providing the location of the delivery vehicle, but did little …

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Social Distancing for Lone Workers

social distancing for lone workers

What is social distancing and what does it mean for you? More and more events like football games, festivals, weddings and parties are being cancelled across the U.K. This is not a plan to ruin your summer, it is for the greater good and an effort to encourage Social Distancing. What is Social Distancing? Social …

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As a Lone Worker can I use my phone whilst driving in Canada?

Canadaian lone worker legislation and regulations

With the exception of Nunavut, all Canadian Provinces and territories have banned talking on hand-held phones and texting while driving which will certainly affect lone workers. There are additional regulations on the use of electronic devices like GPS or satnav that should be looked at on a province by province basis. To read a comprehensive …

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Worker Down not ‘Man Down’

subcontratcor health and safety program

As the number of working women continues to increase in most industry areas (including lone workers), language needs to adapt at the same rate. Using the term ‘Man Down’ for the motion detection feature in a lone worker system no longer seems appropriate. The ‘Man Down’ Feature The ‘Man Down’ (Worker Down’) function notifies a …

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