Dan Noblett – Head of Mobile Applications & Expert in Lone Worker Solutions

As the Head of Mobile Applications with extensive industry experience for over 20 years, I offer a wide range of skills to help develop businesses online. With a proven track record in systems development, search engine optimization, online advertising, and marketing, I am passionate about developing and growing B2B, SaaS, and web-based products.

I specialize in lone worker solutions and have the ability to identify and implement suitable technologies for a wide range of projects. With Ok Alone, I’ve been instrumental in building the top-rated lone worker app, which provides protection for lone workers across industries worldwide. I’m a strong believer in the importance of the client-developer relationship and regularly seek customer feedback to help improve our systems.


The University of Edinburgh

Bachelor of Science – BS (Hons), Computer Science
2002 – 2006
Computer Science at Edinburgh University encompassed all parts of modern-day computing, from original computer theory to actual uses in the modern world. I have developed a wide range of computing skills, organisation and presentation of work in tight deadlines and team working on joint projects.

Courses I completed and received first grades for include Advances in Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, Embedded Software, Software Architecture Process and Management, Database Systems, Operating Systems and Professional Issues.


Arbutus Ridge Ltd
Web Developer – Apr 2008 – Jan 2010
Senior Developer – Jan 2010 – Oct 2013
I worked to grow the online ordering system Order Wizard from one takeaway in 2008 to 100s across the UK, while developing the online order system. I consistently kept up to date with development trends and updating the systems where required whilst maintaining system stability and security. 

Trusty Ox Systems Ltd
Head of Development & Operations Oct 2013 – Sep 2023
Peoplesafe (acquired Trusty Ox Systems Ltd)
Head of Mobile Applications – Sep 2023
I have worked on our Ok Alone lone worker solution from the initial concept to its being used by businesses all over the world. I lead the development of smartphone apps and the cloud-based dashboard, plus all aspects of the system, including the database, server and security. 

I also work with our excellent team to help manage the marketing of Ok Alone, this includes managing our company website – keeping up to date with the constantly evolving SEO trends and helping to find new lead avenues as our industry moves forward.

I am regularly in contact with our clients at all stages of the pipeline to make sure we understand their experiences and can improve our solution where required. This includes making sales calls to new leads and working directly with long term clients.