7 Reasons to Choose Ok Alone

Want an affordable, easy to use and reliable solution for your lone worker needs? You get all of that and you can tick your compliance box when you use Ok Alone.

Need a little more convincing? Here are 7 key reasons why it’s worth starting your 7 day trial today.


Your safety policies are written down and followed – every time

Ok Alone provides you with templates and guides that ensure your safety procedures are written down and get followed. Every alert sent to a monitor contains important contact information and step by step instructions for what to do. The system also gives you the flexibility to create a unique escalation procedure for each member of your team.

Prove to your customers your people are where they are supposed to be

Organizations like security guards, home health care and janitorial services need to prove to customers that their staff are on site. Ok Alone’s GPS location gives you evidence to show you are on the job.

Flexible check-in procedures

Your risk assessments tell you how often each person needs to check-in. Ok Alone adapts to each worker’s situation. Check-ins can range from five minutes to ten hours. Equally, you may want more information than just a check-in. For example, you may want a short message explaining site conditions, or a voicemail describing a patient’s condition. Ok Alone gives you the freedom to do that too.

Easy to use and understand

Safety tools are there to make your job better, not more difficult. Ok Alone is designed to do what you’d expect. It’s so easy to use, which means there are no expensive training costs to pay either.

You control your live monitoring

Call centre time is expensive, so Ok Alone only wants you to pay for what you actually need. That’s why you control when you want to have live monitoring turned on or turned off. This is very handy if you have monitoring staff available during office hours, but not on evenings and weekends. Ok Alone puts your interests first.

We believe your input matters

The first version of Ok Alone was rather basic. Virtually every feature you now see in the system came as a suggestion from our customers. We like that. In fact, we believe it’s the best way to serve you, responding to your needs as quickly as we can. It’s also why you can send us a “Feature request” any time you like. There’s a place to do it in the online Help section.

Ok Alone saves you money

Ok Alone has low subscriptions that start at $5/£4 per person per month. Have more than 10 people? Great, volume discounts apply and prices go DOWN from there. The subscription includes the smartphone apps, your online account, email alerts, activity logs and performance reporting.

Get Started with a Free Trial

Ok Alone provides professional protection for an affordable price. It’s that simply really. Why not sign up for your free trial now and see for yourself?

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