How to use Android Shortcuts with the Ok Alone Lone Worker App

Using an Android phone to run the Ok Alone lone worker app means you can set up shortcuts to the app’s features.

Having the shortcuts on your main screen will make it easier to start shift, check in, request help or end a shift.

Setting this up couldn’t be easier! Once you have downloaded and installed the Ok Alone app hold your finger over the icon.

The shortcut menu will appear on the screen. You can either use this as it is and choose your function each time or set up individual short cuts. To set up short cuts for each individual function hold your finger over the Ok Alone icon. Once the pop-up menu appears, hold you finger over each short cut action and drag it across the screen. This will create an individual short cut for each of the actions – start shift, check in, get help and end shift.

For clear instructions on how to do this watch the video below:

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