Why you Need a Lone Worker App

Being a ‘lone worker’ is great! You’re not stuck in an office all day having to listen to Wendy’s ‘jokes’ or more stories about her cat. You’re out and about all day or just quietly working somewhere enjoying your own company.

But what about your safety? No one likes to think about all the things that could potentially go wrong each day, but if you are a lone worker, safety needs to be your main concern.

Lone worker safety solutions

There are many different solutions available to lone workers to allow them to keep in touch, however not all of them are as convenient as a Smartphone app.

Some companies have bespoke, custom-made devices that workers must carry with them throughout the day, but these are often cumbersome, very expensive to buy and you are often tied into long contracts.

Other companies use independent call-centres to monitor their lone workers. This can be an effective solution; however, call-centres have no way of knowing where a lone worker is (as they don’t have GPS tracking.)

Lone worker app

Using a lone worker app on your Smartphone gives you the best of both worlds!

  • It allows you to check in with your place of work
  • It sends notifications to your phone in case you forget to check in
  • It has GPS tracking to alert others of your location in an emergency
  • It works through your phone, so no additional devices
  • It takes minutes to set up and there are no set up fees or long-term contracts

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What is a Lone Worker App