Prioritize Lone Worker Safety | 2016 Healthcare

Staff Health and Safety is a Priority at the 2016 Healthcare Conference in London

Health and social care professionals met in London June 29-30 at the 2016 Health + Care Conference to learn about new ways to deliver healthcare and improve productivity in the delivery of health services. Advances in technology provide a multitude of new tools and integrated systems that can improve not only patient care, but also support the well-being and safety of health care workers.

The need is already here – that bulge of humanity known as the baby boom generation is approaching or entering old age and while life expectancies have increased and people are living actively for longer, there is already increased demand for health services delivered outside of the hospital or clinic environment.

As more seniors choose to live as independently as possible, the need for trained health professionals delivering at-home care has skyrocketed, making those in-demand workers very busy as they go about their daily calls. Caring for the elderly can be risky, as infirmity and dementia affect patients, so an easy to use, reliable and economical lone worker protection system is a necessity for businesses providing these health services.

How Technology can Improve Lone Worker Safety

Keep your lone workers safe with our customizable lone worker safety app. You decide how often your workers check in and how they do so. You aren’t tied to your desk to monitor your staff, because you (or your designated monitor) will have access to a webpage that will keep you updated. If an incident occurs, you will be alerted promptly by email, text message or phone call.

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